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When you want to get a good cup of coffee, where do you go? Is it really a confusing choice for you to pick the right café where you will truly enjoy the blends of coffee that it offers? We are making your decision a really easy one. Go to Doors Palace.

Right in the center of Amsterdam, we provide the best high-quality coffee for all. We are the top brand when it comes to cafes here in the Netherlands and abroad. We are well-known not because of advertising our shops but because our products are something to look out for and drink. People line up for our coffee because they really taste good. But do not take our word for it. Try them for yourself.



Who we are

The Doors Palace first opened its shop in 2008 at the time when all businesses seem to be on a downward spiral. But the founders of the café saw it not as an issue but a challenge waiting to be overcome. And they did. The Doors Palace is one of the best-known cafés in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, in Europe, and even in the US. Tourists flock to our shops just to have a sip of any of our coffee mixes.

Care and passion

Our products all have exquisite tastes because they all have undergone months of preparation and testing. We do not release new labels and variants if we are not sure of the taste and aroma of the coffee. We have a team of coffee testers who take the time and effort to study and taste different coffee beans from different parts of the world. Then, they pass through heat and temperature tests to determine the consistency and thickness of the coffee when it comes to providing the right taste. Believe me, every cup of coffee that we offer to our customers have passed numerous quality checks and have gone through multiple revamps and changes.

Coffee is what we love

At the end of the day, we all love coffee. We pursued this business not just to earn money but to get to experience the smell and the taste of coffee every single day. Relationships are brought together because of coffee. They are also sometimes restored and mended through coffee shop dates.

If you have seen Doors Palace in dating sites in Nederlands, you probably would think that the shop is the key to finding true love. In a sense, it is true. We built a shop that is spacious to accommodate hundreds of coffee loves. We invested time and money to produce the best indoor experience for our customers. And we go to great lengths just to study and provide great-tasting coffee to you.

If we did not love coffee, we would not be in this business. Through low and high waters, through thick and thin, the founders of Doors Palace is just right here for you. Whether the climate makes everything cold, allows leaves to fall, make the flowers bloom, or gives us beautiful sunlight, the Doors Palace will always open its doors for you.

Run Your Business Meeting Here

Our coffee shop is ideal for corporate meetings. Let the aroma of coffee activate your sleepy cells while engaging on a productive meeting here at Door Palace. We serve breakfast, and of course, a wide variety of drinks to get creative juices flowing. We have a private meeting area complete with projectors and microphones. Get out of the office and run your business meeting here for a change. Your staff would love dominicancupid vibe. For reservations and special requests, contact us, and we’ll prepare everything perfectly.