Characteristics of a Good Barista

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It is quite amusing to know that someone you know is a barista. But what does it take to become a good barista?

He must be friendly

First, you must realize that the basic quality that you want the barista to be is to be pleasant and friendly to customers. You cannot teach friendliness. It is a trait that will only come out if the person is really welcoming on the inside.

When a person is naturally accommodating, he will give the customer a sense of being cared for. They will feel their importance as a client. It will also make transactions easier from both ends.

He must understand the workings of any equipment in the coffee shop

The barista should have a basic understanding of the operational process of all the pieces of equipment that are in the store. That is not to say that he must instantly know everything in the shop. The barista should be able to learn quickly. When being taught how to use a piece of equipment, he must absorb the mechanics of the device and should know how to operate it after sufficient time.

He must know how to think critically

A barista should be able to adapt to different situations. He should not be a robot that only reacts according to a specific list of guidelines. He must act based on what is needed of him. That is what true customer service is. The coffee shop will rely on baristas to listen to customers and make sure that they are getting the service that they require of him.

He must know the basics of his job

He must have a sense of what he is doing as a coffee barista. He knows where the coffee beans are located, how a machine operates, who to talk to in cases of customer concerns, and other related matters.