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Doors Palace is a local café that has grown and expanded to be a national brand for high-quality coffee. Customers go to our coffee shops to enjoy the delicious food, sip a cup of amazing coffee, and experience the ambiance that only Doors Palace can provide.

Because of the expansion of our business, we are now diversifying our portfolio and increasing our customer base by offering more products and services. You may have seen our advertisements on dating sites and date site reviews. We are now providing customers these services:

Coffee products

Our team of experts tries and tests each coffee been that exists in different parts of the world. With the time and effort that they have put into each research, we guarantee that every sip of coffee comes with a different kind of experience.

Now you can bring the same experience right at your very home. You do not have to go to our coffee shops to taste the goodness of our coffee. You can buy a pack of your favorite blend directly from us. We offer a variety of coffee mixes and blends just for you.

Why should you buy packed coffee mixes? Our reputation has reached the borders of the Netherlands. Tourists from different nations go to Amsterdam just to have a taste of our famous coffee. The problem is that they do not have access to our coffee shops when they go home. Now, you can bring the taste of our coffee to your family and friends. Our coffee will become part of the stories and the memories between the people you love and cherish.

Mugs, tumblers, coffee accessories

We also offer our customers different products to take home. You can drink your favorite coffee on a tumbler or coffee that bears our name. You can get saucers, coffee bean bags, and other accessories and pieces of stuff from our store.