Service Page

The best invention in the world is coffee. We do not know what we would do if the coffee was never created. Our cups will be empty. Our shops will not be selling anything. And you will just be left with empty conversations and lack of ideas.

But thank the people and their creativity that they recognized the need for a cup of coffee in our hand. Mornings are better with coffee. Imagination is triggered because of this nice blend of beans that come from the finest farms in the world. And the talks between two people has gone a lot better because of a single or, shall we say, a double shot of coffee. We have partnered with dating sites a lot to realize the dreams of these couples to meet up in an excellent-looking café right at the heart of Amsterdam.

Coffee shop

We are, first and foremost, a coffee shop. We serve the best coffee in town. No one would ever say otherwise. Our coffee beans come from various parts of the world. From the Liberica, Robusta, and Arabica to the rare Civet coffee of Indonesia, we all have them for you. You will have fun sipping great-tasting coffee. You will not believe that a good cup of coffee in your hand would ever exist in the world. The Doors Palace is and will always provide every coffee lover the taste and aroma of coffee that they are looking for every day.

Superb service

When you go to any of our shops, you will in for a treat. Being in our stores is like ematching between our personnel and the customer. Our baristas will accommodate any order that he receives and accomplishes it quickly and completely. We are always at the top of our game when it comes to providing our loyal customers with the right combination of coffee, atmosphere, and service.