Types of Coffee from Around the World

Some of you might not be aware of this fact- coffee has a lot of varieties and kinds. It does come from a plant and plants usually have different variants. The types depend on the soil that it is in and the country where it originates from. Fortunately for us, some of the most delicious cups of coffee are now available in our favorite coffee shops.  All you have to do is pour on the cup of your date that you found in ematching or elitedating, and you are good to go.

What are the types of coffee that you might be drinking right now?

The Robusta Coffee

The robusta coffee comes originally from the Sahara in South Africa. It is a kind of bean that you get from the coffea canephora plant. When it comes it its characteristics, it basically has a high level of bitterness. The acidity of this type of coffee is also very low which makes it a choice for those people who has a tendency to have hyperacidity in the stomach. If you are dating someone over a cup of coffee, you would not want to have acid refluxes while you are in a coffee shop.

The Liberica coffee

Coming from the Rubiaceae family, this coffee bean gives a strong caffeine taste and a really black color. If you love to be awake all night long, then the Liberica coffee is the right one for you. Whether you are on your date, working hard in the office, or studying for an exam, the Liberica coffee is a nice choice for you.

The Liberica coffee originates from Venezuela, Philippines, Colombia, Brazil, Malaysia, Seychelles, and Indonesia. If you happen to come across these countries, you might as well buy coffee to bring home to family and friends.

The Arabica coffee

As you can observe from the name, it comes from the peninsula of Arabia. Other names for Arabica coffee are the mountain coffee or the mountain shrub of Arabia. Compared to the other types of coffee bean, the Arabica coffee less acidic. The taste of this coffee is a little more bitter than usual and the caffeine level is high.